5 Movie Trends That Must Stop

I enjoy movies as much as the next geek. I like watching them, researching upcoming ones, and generally having an opinion on what’s new at the box office. This is why I’ve noticed some disturbing tends that make me fret over what’s to come. These tendencies are making it harder for me to enjoy movies [...]


5 Geek Chic Styles That Must Go

So we geeks know exactly what we like to wear. Mostly it is clothing that we find comfortable and efficient.


The 5 Geekiest Foods

So we all know that geeks are usually quite smart about many things. Food is not one of them. However, instead of using this article to rail against the non-nutritional nature of geeky food I’m going to celebrate it.


LEGO Star Wars Chess

Instead of just writing a bunch of text you’ll just glaze over, just click this:


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